2018 Candidates for Island County

Contested races:

U.S. Senate - Susan Hutchison

Congressional District 2 - No candidate

Legislative District 10

     State Representative Seat 1 - Norma Smith

     State Representative Seat 2 - Dave Hayes

County Commissioner District 3 - Rick Hannold

County Sheriff Rick Felici, Lane K. Campbell

Uncontested races:

Island County Assessor - Mary Engle

Island County Auditor - Sheilah Crider

Island County Coroner - Robert Bishop

Island County Treasurer - Wanda Grone

State Court of Appeals, Div. 1 Dist. 3 - Tom SeGuine

Washington Supreme Court, Position 8 - incumbent Steve Gonzalez is challenged by Nathan Choi. The incumbent has been rated 'extremely well qualified' by the King County Bar Association and has bi-partisan support and endorsements. According to the Spokesman Review, Choi was sued this year for 2017 PDC violations when he ran for  Court of Appeals, and is having PDC and other issues with his campaign this year, which may explain his lack of campaign activity.


The additional seats in the Washington courts are uncontested.

Ballot Initiatives:

Click on the initiative number for more information.

I-940 - Lowers the legal standard, making it easy to prosecute use-of-deadly force incidents as murder or manslaughter, and requiring training that's already required and available at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy - OPPOSE

I-1631 - Carbon Emissions Tax that exempts the largest polluters. Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center has calculated the cost per gallon of fuel of this proposed tax here. - OPPOSE

I-1634 - Prevent Municipalities from taxing food & drink - SUPPORT

I-1639 - Infringes Second Amendment Rights, requires surrender of medical privacy - OPPOSE