Welcome to the Party! The Island County Republican Party, that is.


In November, 2016, the citizens of this nation determined a new course for our country. Tired of being ignored by the elites pursuing a progressive agenda we, the people of the United States of America, chose a new leader and have now seen a peaceful transfer of power to a duly elected President. Well, peaceful except for the temper tantrums stirred by the fearmongers.


In early January, 2017, the duly certified Republican Precinct Committee Officers of Island County gathered to elect the team of officers who will lead us through the next two year term. I am honored and grateful to have been unanimously elected Chairman of the Island County Republican Party.


President Donald J. Trump is already demonstrating that he will listen to people on all sides of an issue, then take action based on what he believes to be best for the country as a whole. He has shown a respect for tradition and a refreshing patriotism, combined with an ability to draw together people of different interests in the pursuit of a common goal: a more prosperous, secure and safe nation. It is my intent to lead in the same fashion, with the end goal being a more prosperous and safe community, in which all of us exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship as we each pursue our happiness.


We invite you to join us, the Island County Republican Party, as we move forward into a more optimistic future grounded in the timeless principles upon which the Framers relied as they brought forth a new thing 230 years ago; a Constitutional Republic.

So, check out our site, which is being updated and will change with new information as we get it. Then contact us to learn more about where you fit into this Republican mosaic.


In liberty and with joyful anticipation,

 Terresa Hobbs

Island County Chair