Throughout the United States the signature annual fundraising event for the Republican Party is known as the Lincoln Day Dinner.


There are variations; the event can be a dinner, a luncheon, a picnic or barbecue. Rather than hold it in February around Abraham Lincoln's birthday these events can be scheduled, at the convenience of the local party,  in Spring or Summer. Some Parties prefer to update their events with the name of another conservative Republican, Ronald Reagan. 

Whatever form the event takes, whenever it is held, and whatever names are attached, these are ALWAYS can't-miss events for Republicans at the grassroots level to meet each other, hear timely and interesting speakers, visit with their local Republican officeholders, share a meal and enjoy additional events such as auctions, award ceremonies and entertainment. 

The 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner was a tremendous success.  Our keynote speaker Herb Meyer exceeded all expectations.   The evening was educational, informative and an opportunity to meet with fellow conservatives and share our values.