Lane Campbell


Island County Sheriff


  • Problems that are unique to each of Island County’s many communities.

  • Individuals who have proven to be career criminals.

  • Current programs with a history of wasting tax dollars and promoting re-incarceration.



  • Drug dealers and users who commit repeated felonious acts will be held fully accountable and not simply recycled through the current system.

  • Drug-addicted people who want help will be given access to Island County Human Services, programs that have proven results, are financially sustainable and provide long-term follow-up support.


  • Our children are our responsibility and we owe it to protect them from harm. Children are like sponges and learn from the time they are born. I believe children are never to young too start teaching them right from wrong. I believe teaching our children starts at home and school. I want to go back to our schools and teach our children how to protect themselves.  Knowledge is power.  



  • My administrative staff and I will go out in the field to answer calls alongside deputies.

  • Stay closely connect to deputies and our communities.

  • Ensure all citizens are treated respectfully and equitably.

  • Advocate for alternatives to incarceration for those with special circumstances.

  • We will continue to build trust between the department and the community.


  • Work to identify areas of inefficiency and correct them.

  • Utilize technology when it can increase efficiency. 

Eileen Hart King/Shari Mattson Cooper

Co-Campaign Managers