These are the Initiatives that will be on our ballots and our recommendations:

Click on the initiative number to link to the full text of the initiative. 

Vote NO on I-940.  The  'additional' training cited in 940 is already mandated and available at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. What this really does is make it easier to prosecute law enforcement officers in the event they've had to use deadly force. This will do nothing to increase public safety or reduce violent crime. According to some law enforcement officers, what it may do is cause second-guessing to interfere with training in moments where a decision needs to be made within seconds.

Vote NO on I-1631. This measure would charge 'emission fees' on energy. This TAX on gasoline, natural gas, heating fuel and electricity will be borne by families, farms, small businesses and consumers, since 6 of the state's 10 largest polluters will be exempted. There is no cap, there is no end date. The monies will be disbursed by an unelected, unaccountable board of political appointees.  Considering Washington already has the cleanest air and water in the nation, it's pretty clear this is about the money. For more information on the practical effects of this initiative, should it become law, read here. This initiative is also being opposed by some unions.


Vote YES on I-1634. Allows municipalities to institute taxation of certain items intended for human consumption. Taxing sugary drinks is considered a foot in the door to taxes on groceries. Stop it now. Keep this Seattle tax from spreading to the rest of the state. 

Vote NO on I-1639. "Gun Violence Prevention"  Yet another thinly disguised gun grab backed by multi-millionaire progressives.