Richard (Rick) Hannold

For Island County Commissioner, District 3


1. Saving the environment - Rick stopped fin fish net farms from bringing their dangerous nets to Whidbey and Camano waters! Rick supported environmental protections and smart growth while streamlining 'customer' services at our Planning Department.


 2.  Economy - Rick protected Island County's partnership with Naval Air Station Whidbey and its key role in our economy.


 3.  Protecting our citizens - Rick stepped up Law Enforcement protections for our families without raising new taxes and levies.


 4.  Community - Rick championed new and improved parks, lots more beach and boat access and an off-leash park for pets! Rick helped save Island Transit from certain bankruptcy and restored its slashed services!


 5.  Keeping more of your hard earned money - Rick rejects 'special levies' and new 'poverty taxes' on Island County families and especially on seniors!

Andy Valrosa

Campaign Manager

Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer Rick Hannold, now serving his Freshman term as Island County's Third District Commissioner, is a dedicated community volunteer and leader, a thirty-year and counting Island County resident, the grateful husband of Amy Hannold, daughter of a pioneering Island County family, and the proud father of two children - Ben and Grace Hannold. And, Rick and the Hannold family are the loving owners of three rescue dogs: big and adorable Black Lab Angel, plus 'more or less' Jack Russell terriers Pennie and Scamp.

The Hannold clan lives north of Oak Harbor on their hilly five-acre homestead, more or less smack in the middle of the Third District, which includes all of Camano Island, unincorporated parts of Whidbey's north end and all of Naval Air Station Whidbey. In the last three-plus years, Rick has put thousands of new miles on his aging red pickup as he traveled back and forth from Whidbey to Camano, where he keeps office hours, meets with constituents, and ramrods important projects like the long-sought acquisition of every single acre of the new Barnum Point Park on Camano Island with its thousands of feet of pristine shoreline, and the soon to be under construction new, combined Camano Annex and Island County Sheriff's precinct.

In his other official duties, Rick was just elected Chair of the Island Transit Board of Directors, previously serving as its Secretary and Vice Chair. Rick was a leader in saving Island Transit, which was on the brink of bankruptcy when he took office in late 2014 and he began helping the troubled bus system save itself and reinstate its cancelled bus routes.

Rick also served as Chair of the three-member Board of Island County Commissioners in 2016. He also is a serving member of the Washington State Council of Governments, the Courthouse Security advisory panel, and the Island County Board of Health. He now serves as Chair of the Board of Health, and for the past three years, he also has served as Chair of the Island County Disability Board. He is a three-plus year member of the Northwest Clean Air Agency Board and served as its Chair in 2016.

Rick also is a member of the Island County Fairgrounds Advisory Committee and Island County's Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

In his private life as a community leader, Rick served as the Managing Board Member of one of the largest private Christian schools in the region. He managed school budgets, both operating and capital, and negotiated and managed employment contracts for staff. During the 2008 economic downturn, Rick worked with community members in economic distress to create student scholarships and other assistance so that students did not lose their places at the school.

As a Chief Petty Officer, Rick managed the activities of large numbers of Navy personnel in a variety of environments. The U.S. Navy's Chief Petty Officers are the service's principal managers and staff coordinators in times of peace and war, Rick retired after 21 years of Navy service. During his tenure, he was Senior Enlisted Chairman/Advisor and Certified Naval Instructor for training and integration of new personnel and a Flight Deck Coordinator. In addition, Rick worked as a Production Controller of the Navy Region Northwest Maintenance Facility.

After his retirement from the Navy, Rick was a licensed general contractor, civilian maintenance contractor on base and an instructor at Boeing teaching aircraft manufacturing techniques. Rick is active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and other veterans' service organizations and as an Island County Commissioner Rick led efforts to increase Human Services for veterans who live in Island County. 

On a lighter note Rick enjoys teaching Sunday School classes to elementary age children and at Christmastime plays Santa Claus for community groups and also serves as auctioneer for community fund raisers.